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Top 5 Minecraft Items

Top 5 Minecraft Items


Welcome to the TOP 5 Minecraft items! In this article I will be explaining the best and most useful Minecraft items. In my opinion, the TOP 5 items below are MUST HAVES!

#5 Enchantment Table

I feel like I have no choice but to put this on the list. I mean come on!?! Ways to upgrade your armour, tools, and weapons?! That’s just amazing when considering the fire aspect and thorns! I feel like this must be on the list because of how cool, useful, and how powerful this block is! You can rule the world with this block.

Enchantment Table in Minecraft

#4 Iron Pickaxe

The iron pickaxe… Where would you be without this guy? How are you going to mine gold and diamond, to defeat the ender dragon and the wither? How are you going to mine obsidian? Especially, the AMAZING enchantments you can use with this tool, such as: silk touch, unbreakable property, and efficiency… Without the Iron Pickaxe you wouldn’t be able to do any of these above and YES this will change your Minecraft world.

Iron Pickaxe in Minecraft

#3 TNT

Not only is TNT good for mining, its VERY useful for PVP, not to mention the power you feel when possessing it… The work you save and the fun you have is irreplaceable! From making holes in caves to just plain out griefing someone’s house. Especially, whenever playing factions on servers, this can be VERY useful for raiding bases and attacking an army. Not to mention the countless AMAZING mini games people have made out of TNT. THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!

TNT in Minecraft


#2 Furnace

Without this little guy you wouldn’t even have the Iron Pickaxe and we already know how important that is! With this block you can smelt objects so you can craft more items to use to fight, destroy, build, and craft MORE tools. If you don’t think this does much, just try beating the game without it…

Furnace in Minecraft

#1 Crafting Table

Not only is this your best friend in Minecraft, this block allows you to create anything above, imagine, and conquer anything in this game… For heaven’s sake it’s the only thing that can save you from night, besides your fist. It’s time to face it, without this block there are no weapons, no tools, and no new blocks… So give yourself a break and craft this amazing block now, before the mobs come in the night looking for you.

Crafting Table in Minecraft



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